September 2018





[New Item] Odate Magewappa Omusubi Lunch Box

Omusubi (also called Onigiri) is a rice ball which Japanese people have been making for a long time. This is the suitable box for Omusubi. It took about 2 years to be completed because of the unique shape. Gohachi Products designed, and Shibata Yoshinobu Shoten made.

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Chobundo's Whale Chopstick Rest was added. The adorable shape will surely make you feel happy. You can also use it as a paperweight. Perfect for a gift because it is boxed one by one.

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Karmi Tea Canisters SO Soji has been back in stock. Karmi Tea Canisters won a silver medal at the world's most authoritative design award, the Designpreis Deutschland 2012 in Germany.