[New Item] SIWA's Flat Bag Screen Printing was added.

Mr. Samiro Yunoki, born in 1922, became the pupil of the fabric dyeing artist, Mr. Keisuke Serizawa, and actively working as a leading craftsman of stencil dyeing for many years. More than 70 works of his have been stored at the Guimet Museum in France in 2014.

Based on the stencil dyeing made by Mr. Yunoki, SIWA has manufactured a Naoron with Mr. Yunoki's design screen printed on it, retaining the original size. The bag was designed by Mr. Naoto Fukasawa.

The bag is made to commemorate the tenth anniversary of SIWA. Please take in some art into your everyday life by all means.





[New Item] Tsuruya Shoten's Rattan Hanger was added.

The more it is used, the luster increases, turning the rattan into an amber color. It is a rattan item that expresses a texture unique to rattan and a sense of nostalgia. As it is unpigmented and unpainted, it is environmentally friendly, and users could feel the original flavor of rattan as well.

And because it is unpainted, clothes, stoles, and neckties hardly slide and it is very functional. Please use a rattan hanger in various scenes in your life.





Cool and mellow. Tin, the best material for drinking vessels.

Tin transfers heat very well. Turns cool with cold sake in it, and turns moderately warm with hot sake.

Further, due to its high ion effect, it has a sterilizing and freshness-retaining function, which is why the flavor of sake becomes soft and mellow.

Tin has almost no smell of metal, and as it is harmless to human body, it can be used safely. Moreover, since it is highly acid-resistant, it doesn't rust in black alike silver, and can be handled similarly as normal vessels, thus, easy to maintain.

The gold foil is done by Ishikawa Prefecture's traditional techniques. Not to mention its use in every day drinks, your special guests would surely be deeply impressed by its brightness as well.