Established in 1947 by Ichiyou Kimura, who was a second son of the 13th generation of Kimura family, one of the six family groups who monopolistically owned the largest pottery production centers of Bizen ware throughout the Edo period. Ichiyougama was established as Ichiyou Kimura set up a branch family. Ichiyougama owns a workshop and a kiln in the premises. Bizen City has the oldest potteries in Japan.


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Yabetoku Tokeiten Building stands 15 seconds far by walk from Shokunin.com Sanjo Showroom. It is a registered tangible cultural property, the same as SACRA Building.

Sanjo Bridge is the starting point of the Tokaido road which connected Kyoto and Edo (Tokyo). Sanjo Street used to be Kyoto’s main street. When you visit our showroom, please enjoy the cultural heritages on Sanjo Street as well.

Shokunin.com Sanjo Showroom (SACRA Building)