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[New Item] Tsuruya Shoten's Cat House "nejiro" has been added.

Light, strong, and gentle rattan products are gentle on cats, and the texture of Tsuruya Shoten that has been observing Japanese life fits into your home's discerning interior.

The entrance is made to be 13cm tall to suit a cat’s habit of entering narrow places. While it is designed to comfort cats to its fullest extent, it is also made to please the owners as they could look inside through the gaps.

Cats could relax inside as the house could be fixed with joggles and leather straps. Received the Yamagata Excellent Design Award 2019.

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[Restocked] Seiryugama

Hirashimizu ware flourished during the Bunka period (1804-1818) in Hirashimizu, a district that locates in the south-west area of Yamagata City and at the southern foot of Mount Chitose, a mountain entirely covered with pine trees.

Seiryugama (Seiryu kiln), pottery that follows the tradition established by the founder of Hirashimizu ware, Jizaemon Niwa, was opened during the early years of the Meiji era. Porcelain making at Seiryugama inherits the tradition by manually molding the local soils utilizing potter's wheel, while it successfully adapts to the times as well.

Nashiseiji, which was developed in 1945, received the Grand Prix at the Brussels World's Fair in 1958. Seiryugama subsequently created "Zansetsu," and the white glaze that portrayed the thawing mountain has now become a synonym for Seiryugama. (Teacup) (Sencha Cup) (Rice Bowl) (Bowl)

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[Ceramic Japan's Still Green]

The vase, with a unique design portraying solely the contour of a flower vase, not only can be used as a single-flower vase, but could also be enjoyed as an objet. Also sold at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), which possesses the world's leading selection criteria.