Thank you for your email and my recent order. It's beautiful quality and I'm very happy with it, as well as your communication throughout my order process - very efficient and much appreciated! Thank you again for a seamless ordering process and representing such a carefully considered brand like SIWA. I can't find them here in Australia so it was a pleasure to see you stocking so much of their pieces. I hope to visit you myself when I come to Japan!
M.M. from Perth, Western Australia

SIWA Briefcase M

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Yesterday morning, we made a set of kaya toast and hot spring eggs, which have become a staple in Singapore's breakfast. we felt like we were in our favorite Singapore, and we got energy.
https://www.shokunin.com/jp/moyai/ (Zelkova Bread Plate)
https://www.shokunin.com/jp/ichiyou/plate (Bizen Ware Plate)

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Our Chinese staff taught us how to make Chinese homebrew buns today. The buns were hot until the end.