[Daiya's Sharpener for Dried Bonito]

Sanjo in Niigata Prefecture is known as the town of craftsmanship. As Daiya carefully completes the plane iron, sharp edged planes are being made.

The box is made of beech, a bright and airy material often used in Scandinavian furniture. The box made by scraping out a solid wood, has no seams and has a smooth texture. It has a compact and beautiful shape, which even feels comfortable when placed on a table.

Daiya suggests a completely new way of using the sharpener: to place it on a table, sharpen as much as necessary, and sprinkle right then.





Ichiyougama's Coffee Cone and Beer Cup were added.

Bizen ware is one of the six Japan's oldest kilns and has a 1000 year history.

After making the soil from clay, which can be gathered locally, Ichiyougama's Suribachi is formed and shaped using a potter's wheel, and is made in ten and a half days through kiln firing, using 10 tons of red pine split wood.

It is a traditional, natural pottery utilizing valuable materials, made with time and effort.







[Adachi Shigehisa Shoten's Wappa Seiro (Circular Steaming Basket)]

Yamada in Teradomari, Niigata Prefecture, a region adjacent to the Sea of Japan, is home to the union of the sieve industry since the Edo period, and products such as a sieve, tea strainer, and steaming basket were actively produced.

Adachi Shigehisa Shoten inherits the history of Yamada and has now become the only long-established workshop of round wooden chip boxes in Niigata Prefecture. Their seiro (steaming basket) persistently follows the traditional production procedure. Adachi Shigehisa Shoten continues to produce authentic products applying the inherited techniques.

A product comes alive only after they are used. The microwavable wappa (circular box) using no iron nails, was developed through multiple researches conducted by previous generations, under the policy to enable modern people to effortlessly utilize wappas. In 1991, the product received the Science and Technology Director Award.

Please enjoy the traditional techniques that live in our modern world at home.