Prices of some Sonobe Sangyo items are going to be higher on 2019/3/1. Please order by 2/28 if you want.

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We cooked a pancake with Nakamura Douki's Tamagoyakinabe S this morning. The frying pan is formed using a thick copper board, and as its surface is coated with tin, it has high thermal conductivity and heat-retaining ability, equally distributing the heat through the pan, hardly developing uneven burning or scorching. Please try.





The typical sound made by the metal clasps of purses. What a pleasant sound it is! Purses with metal claps, each made by hand, are thoughtful masterpieces by the designer, Mrs. Urabe.

The lining material, solid in color and with a beautiful woven pattern, shows how the creator expresses stylish thoughtfulness through parts that are usually invisible, making users happy.

Of course, it could also be used as temporarily store accessories such as rings and pierced earrings, other than coins.

They are semi-custom made, and users can select the dyed fabric and undercoated fabric, order the design they like.