[A delicious life with hot food]

Fresh deliciousness to the dining table. Fried egg, hamburger, pancake, baked apple, Ajillo.

Please use it for parties and hospitalities, not to mention everyday cooking. As it is made of iron, the mini pan would become a help for a lot of users since it supplies iron, a content which most modern people lack.

A table-top mini pan, that considers the joy to eat and the health of users. Truly a masterpiece created by the caster, Rikucho Ogasawara.





[Kiya's Pincers Pot]

As the pot has no handle, it takes little space in cooking places such as on gas ranges. And it is also convenient as a smaller pot can be stacked on top of a larger pot.

Mainly used at restaurants. It can be effortlessly washed without the handle and can be easily maintained. It could also be used as a bowl.

Please, by all means, make use of it in your everyday cooking.

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We made Chinese steamed rice with Koiga rice pot for lunch. Because it was sticky rice, we remembered chimaki that we ate in Taiwan. It was so delicious.
https://www.shokunin.com/en/tojikitonya/koiga.html (Rice Pot)
https://www.shokunin.com/en/seiryu/chawan.html (Rice Bowl)